GW12015CB18-32 V dc15"White4900,00
GW12015CN18-32 V dc15"Black4900,00
GW12010CB18-32 V dc10"White3900,00
GW12010CN18-32 V dc10"Black3900,00
CHARACTERISTICS: TFT colour touchscreen control panel in format 4:3, backlit with LEDs. Used for the supervision, command and control of the KNX system, and includes the functions indoor video entryphone position. Integrates the web server function, allowing the remote control of the system via the Internet via PC, smartphone or tablet. Display of commands and statuses via icons on maps, images and plans. Microsoft ® Windows 8 operating system, video resolution 1024x768, 2 Ethernet ports 10/100/1000 Mb/s, 2 USB ports 2.0, 1 HDMI port, 1 Line-out audio output, 1 input for microphone, direct connection to the KNX BUS. The panels are equipped with the pre-loaded Plus SW licence. The MASTER ICE panel must be installed in BUS systems configured with ETS software. Powered from an external power supply (e.g. GW90802).
APPLICATIONS: local and remote (via the Internet) control of the KNX system, lighting management, roller shutters, thermoregulation, scenes, timed programming, automatic sending of e-mails relating to operations, visualisation of the images from the safety telecameras, energy management (with load control, estimate and visualisation of consumption), control of the burglar alarm system, access to multimedia contents, indoor video entryphone position (Digital Vision and City Vision).
NOTES: GW12010CB/CN: to be used in combination with the flush-mounting box GW24101 or GW24101PM (not included). GW12015CB/CN: to be used in combination with the flush-mounting box GW24102 or GW24102PM (not included). In order to use the Master Ice panels as indoor video entryphone positions in the City Vision system, the system must include the LAN interface (GW19356) and VoIP server (GW19357).