ColourFront dim.
LxHxD (mm)
GW40237TN4+1/2Toner black148x165x2311,30
GW40225TN8+1/2Toner black250x195x2618,90
GW40229TN12+1Toner black330x218x2525,80
GW40233TN24+2 (12x2)Toner black330x338x2845,40
GW40239TN36+3 (12x3)Toner black330x493x2863,80
ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED: 6.5M module covering profiles with co-ordinated enclosure front colour (for enclosures with 4, 8 and 12 modules - 1 profile; for enclosures with 24 modules - 2 profiles; for enclosures with 36 modules - 3 profiles) circuit labels, cardboard mortar guard element supplied as standard in the packaging and packed with paper banding.
NOTES: Dispersible power calculated according to CEI 23-49.
CHARACTERISTICS: The module-covering profiles can be divided into 1/2 module elements, using scissors. Mortar guard element assembled by pressing on the base opening. Thermo-pressure with ball equal to 70°C. IP40 guaranteed even with open door, in the case of wall-embedded installation using devices of at least IP40 and the module-covering profiles supplied. The enclosure back-mounting boxes for 8 and 12 modules can be installed side-by-side using the battery coupling element GW40425.